Accredited Coaching Association

About Us

Today we celebrate the culmination of years of hard work. The ACA – Accredited Coaching Association, has grown from a loose association of professionals brought together in 2010 by their collective concern over the lack of support and guidance available within the coaching industry. Today, we are a respected organisation aiding coaches on a global scale to grow their businesses and be recognised as the best within their sector.

Our Beginnings

The idea for an organisation like the ACA was the result of many conversations taking place at conferences, get-togethers, and via the internet. As these conversations grew we began to realise that there was a significant gap within the coaching industry. But it was the still relevant of “holistic well-being” that was the catalyst in developing our approach to coaching and our intent to deliver widespread excellence in coaching.

There are very many excellent and committed life coaches across the globe, but historically the coaching industry has had very little in the way of quality-control or oversight. Our aim is to see life coach become a term associated with consistent high standards, recognised training, and methods and approaches that fall within consistent ethical standards.

Pushing Forward

The core group behind the idea that has gone on to develop the ACA spends a great deal of time promoting the many coaching practices that come under the umbrella of holistic well-being.  While we lacked a public face in the early days, our commitment and presence on various coaching networks was having an impact.

It was the overwhelming positive feedback that strengthened our resolve to make our mission for foster excellence in coaching a concrete reality. Colleagues welcomed the message while at the same time asking, “who is going to make this happen?”

Making the Leap

It is one thing to have the idea, but it is another to make it a reality. Eventually, after much deliberation we could give no good reason why it should not be us leading the charge and giving corporal form to our collective cause. It was clear that it was time to move from advocacy to action. All that was left to do was turn our commitment into a well-formulated and actionable plan.

We have faced many challenges turning a grassroots movement into a viable organisation, many of which we could not have even imagined at the time. The process would not have been possible without the support of our community of practice or the willingness of the core team to put in the many hours of effort with no compensation.

The Only Way is Forward

When we first started this journey, we could not have imagined where it would eventually lead us. In the early advocacy days impacting the sector even on a regional level seemed like a very steep hill to climb. If you would have told us then that our work to date would reach and support coaches from across the spectrum in over 160 countries, I really don’t think we would have believed you.

But, that is where we are now and with the birth of our latest association we aim at reaching more coaches, offering them the resources and guidance they need to maintain consistent ethical standards and good practice. Not only that but we are in a position to help those at every stage of their coaching journey by providing a one-stop-shop for training, accreditation, and ongoing support.

Joining the ACA was the best decision of my coaching career to date. I have everything I could possibly need to ensure I provide my clients with the best coaching services available. Through the ACA, I provide my clients with all the resources, the most accurate information to date, proof of my competence and skills, support network and the confidence needed to achieve all that they may seek.

S. M. Ramsay

The moment I joined the accredited coaching association, I truly felt part of a professional, international community.

By this I mean that I actually network with other coaches from all over the world, it’s brilliant!

T. S. Oliver