Why Accreditation Matters as a Life Coach

Currently life coaching is an unregulated profession, meaning that anyone can open a life coaching business and begin to advertise their coaching services. This means that there are potentially many poor quality, unregulated services in existence. But, it also means that there is the potential for harm to the clients of such services and to the the life coaching industry as a whole. The question is how to stop this from happening?  The key answer is encouraging accreditation.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation creates checks and balances for members of the life coaching profession and more importantly for their clients. It is a process that involves gaining certificates of competency, authority, or credibility, which are presented to the individual by an overseeing body. Accrediting organisations, such as the Accredited Coaching Association (ACA) issue these credentials based on the provision of proof of appropriate training and / or experience. Many, including the ACA offer their own courses, ensuring that the standards of learning are high and that the syllabus that is  covered by those seeking accreditation is suitably vigorous. Those who are accredited are also expected to uphold the professional standards set out by the accreditation company and abide by a set code of ethics.

How does it benefit the coach?

Gaining accreditation from a life coaching associated provides a range of benefits for coaches. Gaining the trust of clients is one of the main benefits. By becoming accredited life coaches are added to a national, or even international, database, meaning their accreditation, skills, training, and experience can be confirmed. This also means it is easier for coaches to reach out to new and potential clients.  Access to an accrediting association also provides the coach with an extra layer of support throughout their career. The top associations have additional training packages, resources, and research documentations to enhance the coaches’ skills and abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it benefit life coaching clients?

Clients approach a life coach to gain support in improving their lives and reaching their goals. So, it is important to them that they have access to the best possible life coaches that are available. Clients need to know that the coach they are considering is exactly what and who they say they are, including in terms of training, skills, and experience. Accreditation provides this information and the peace of mind that it brings. Clients can search a database for their preferred life coach. If the coach is on there the client can be confident that the coaches certification has been checked. Additionally, they can be confident in the knowledge that the coach has signed up to a specific and binding code of ethics, behaviour, and conduct, regarding all dealings with their client and their client’s information. In the highly unlikely situation that there is a dispute, the client also has a way to report problems and and gain support in resolving any concerns or issues.

How does it benefit the life coaching profession as a whole?

Quality accreditation schemes help to identify and remove non-competent coaches and those attempting to take advantage of potential clients. Such accreditation by recognised bodies aids in unify training and applying consistent standards across the profession. Providing a one-stop-shop for training encourages more coaches to undertake the training that enables them to improve the services they already provide and to increase their client base. Accreditation from the Accredited Coaching Association also provides an international network of life coaches who are willing and eager to support, build, and develop each other.

Where and how can you get life coach accreditation?

Sign up today with the Accredited Coaching Association and take advantage the many benefits that accreditation offers. Link with many other qualified and professional life coaches, take new and accredited course before they are released to others, and most importantly become part of a growing database of accredited life coaches, offering your clients extra peace of mind.

Since becoming a member of the ACA, my business has taken off!

My confidence as a life coach has sky rocketed since being credentialed and my clients can check my professional qualifications prior to using my services.

J. Cresswell

Being part of the ACA is incredibly beneficial.

I am in contact with other coaches, it’s an amazing community where everybody is so supportive.

The best part, is being able to show my clients that I am a professional life coach!

M. R. Collins