Taking a Holistic Approach

Too often in life we compartmentalise, we think and talk in categories, often forgetting that what effects one category also affects others. Common categories that we think in include:

·         Physical health

·         Mental health

·         Emotional wellbeing

·         Private life

·         Public life

·         Professional life

·         Family life

·         Spiritual or religious self

When we do this we only gain part of a much bigger picture. If a client comes to you wanting to improve their career because they are unhappy in their role, then there is a great possibility that this unhappiness is also affecting their private and / or family life. Just helping them set and achieve professional goals may not help them to deal with the effects of that unhappiness in other aspects of their lives. The consequences of this is that change may not occur at all, and if it does it may take much longer than is necessary.

What is a Holistic Approach?

A holistic approach to life coaching takes these separate compartments or categories and treats them as parts of a whole. It seeks out and explores the connections between different parts of the client’s life and finds ways of supporting positive and effective change across the whole, rather than in just one category.

How do you achieve a holistic approach?

When a client approaches you with a specific problem or area of concern, you need to use all the skills in your tool box to tease out the tease out the connections between their different categories or compartments, to get to the root cause of the existing problem. For example, if your client wants to further their career but freezes in interviews, then the root cause could be related to their self confidence and self-esteem, if this is the case, then similar issues will be present in other categories. This could be anything from finding it hard to make or maintain friendships, talking in group situations, or even overcompensating and needing to be the centre of attention when others are present.

Since becoming a member of the ACA, my business has taken off!

My confidence as a life coach has sky rocketed since being credentialed and my clients can check my professional qualifications prior to using my services.

J. Cresswell

Being part of the ACA is incredibly beneficial.

I am in contact with other coaches, it’s an amazing community where everybody is so supportive.

The best part, is being able to show my clients that I am a professional life coach!

M. R. Collins