What is a Life Coach?

A life coach helps individuals to see truth worth and reach their full potential. Life coaches use thought provoking and creative processes specifically designed to help each individual to identify their goals and determine the best way for them to achieve those goals. Through this coaching helps individuals close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Who Uses a Life Coach?

Anyone who feels their full potential has not been realised, has goals they want to achieve, or changes they want to make can benefit from coaching. Life coaches are most common utilised by business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, musicians, actors, and other professionals. However, clients can come from any walk of life wanting to make changes their personal or professional, or both.

How is it Different to Consulting, or Therapy?


Consulting is generally information and expertise based. Consultants are hired by businesses, institutions, and groups to aid in overcoming specific problems. Consultants need to have specific skills and experience related to the difficulties the client is facing. This could be in stock management, recruitment, marketing, or staff retention. Life coaches, while they may have specific skills in these areas, depending on their background, do not deal with specific problems. Coaching takes a holistic approach to your business or personal life. Consultants often propose solutions and leave the client to implement that solutions. Coaches work alongside individuals to support the implementation of jointly agreed changes.  


It is very important to understand that therapy and coaching are different disciplines. Coaching is not about dealing with issues or traumas in the client’s’ past or present. Life coaches are not psychologists or psychotherapists.  Of course, life coaches may be these as well, but only if they have the required training and qualifications. This gives them another set of skills and experience to apply to situations. However, where coaching unearths past traumas that are preventing clients from moving forward, then referring them to a therapist is an essential tool in a life coach’s armoury.

Is Life Coaching for You?

Are you considering life coaching as the next step in your career? Read on to learn more about becoming a life coach. Are you already a life coach? Are you looking for a way to develop your business and help raise standards across the coaching sector? Visit the accreditation page to see how accreditation could help you.


Since becoming a member of the ACA, my business has taken off!

My confidence as a life coach has sky rocketed since being credentialed and my clients can check my professional qualifications prior to using my services.

J. Cresswell

Being part of the ACA is incredibly beneficial.

I am in contact with other coaches, it’s an amazing community where everybody is so supportive.

The best part, is being able to show my clients that I am a professional life coach!

M. R. Collins